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Buenos Aires is known as “the city of tango” in the whole world. And it is absolutely real, because this fantastic musical rhythm, and specially the dance, is truly unique, and largely reflects the passionate and affectionate spirit of the argentines in general, and of the “porteños” in particular. But the reality is that Buenos Aires is a great metropolis with many attractions, both cultural and natural, which is very interesting to know. And that is why this Latin American city has become a very chosen destination, and many companies in the world and professional groups want to make meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions in Buenos Aires.

Mice Buenos Aires has been working for 20 years in the segment of corporate and incentive tourism, specializing in congresses, conferences, fairs and exhibitions, offering highly professional services to assist the full success of such initiatives. In addition to offering a wide range of services and concrete solutions to those attending the events, we also offer them many proposals of trips, excursions, tours and nightlife options, so that the experience of attending meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions in Buenos Aires results not only interesting from the professional point of view, but also very funny and enjoyable.

Among other services we provide to the visitors to meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions in Buenos Aires, we offer full support and collaboration: in Mice Buenos Aires they have an ally that assure them a fruitful and pleasant stay, with customized services. For instance, we organize the transport of the groups, and private individuals also. We deal with the whole issue of hospitality (choice of lodging, booking, etc.), so that visitors do not have to worry about anything when arriving to to the city, as they will have solved every organizational and operational issues.

Buenos Aires Conferences

Usually in all meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions in Buenos Aires we deploy our own stand to give personal attention to attendees and solve issues like flight confirmations, and also provide them with support or advice, etc. In that environment, it always appears the possibility of organizing groups for rides based on the specific interests of people, or even trips.

There are other issues we solve from Mice Buenos Aires: for example we organize various nights out (to visit emblematic tango places, or even to take tango classes), or day trips, for example to the beautiful Delta del Tigre or stays on the field, where visitors can discover the particular idiosyncrasy and skills of the argentine gaucho. Within the urban cord, visitors will be able to visit emblematic neighborhoods such as the unique area of La Boca (and Caminito street); and also make a fun city tour that will allow them to know the historical part of the city with its most important monuments and buildings, and also discover some of the most dynamic neighborhoods in this fantastic megacity of Buenos Aires.

Another issue we usually take in charge is the welcome dinner for the incentives, conferences, meetings, and exhibitions in Buenos Aires.

Incentives Buenos Aires

For visitors who are not happy enough to know the cultural magic and the beautiful natural surroundings of Buenos Aires, our agency specializes also in organizing trips to the most attractive tourist spots in Argentina. Whether you have dreamed of knowing the impressive Iguazu Falls (in the province of Misiones, located in the northeast of the country), or the stunning Perito Moreno glacier (located in the outskirts of El Calafate, at the province of Santa Cruz), or even the Aconcagua (the highest mountain in America, located in the province of Mendoza), or the famous wine route (also in Mendoza), from Mice Buenos Aires we make all the arrangements for you to have a great trip.

Another possibility often very attractive for those attending it is to know the dear neighbor country of Uruguay. From Mice Buenos Aires we organize trips to Colonia del Sacramento, for example, a beautiful colonial town, where visitors will be able to enjoy an old and very calm environment, with the Rio de la Plata as an spectacular setting. It is also advisable to visit Montevideo, Uruguay's capital, with its serene urban rhythm, its beaches with the promenade, its calm and friendly people.

For all this reasons, if you are looking for a partner to ensure the success of your meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions in Buenos Aires, we invite you to contact us. Mice Buenos Aires is the ally that will help you make these professionals or corporate encounters a very attractive and memorable experience.





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