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Organizing meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions in Argentina is an art. Attendees at such events not only want information, catch up on the issues involved in the specific sessions and make good contacts, but also want to have fun, get to know the destination and enjoy the opportunity to share with people from other parts of the world. Mice Argentina know these people's needs and provide the accurate answers.

Being a division of a travel agency that operates throughout the argentine territory, we have extensive know-how in terms of tourism at national level (and also in the neighboring country of Uruguay). Thus we are able to offer multiple alternatives trips and walks, for those attending incentives, conferences, meetings, and exhibitions in Argentina, to have fun, meet the highlights of our vast country and enjoy a range of typical culture attractions.

The focus of our activity is located on meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions in Argentina, and even social events and corporate travel. Our proposal intends to surround these business or social gatherings with a variety of condiments for the enjoyment of the attendees, including travel, sightseeing, nightlife, tours, and invite both to know the natural wonders around Buenos Aires, and of all Argentina, and also to discover the magic of native, creole and traditional cultural expressions. With regard to cultural expressions, tango stands out as main and magical condiment that many visitors want to explore and discover; and the same happens with the mythical figure of the gaucho, typical of rural areas, and all the abilities and skills of this emblematic figure of argentine countryside.

Exhibitions in Argentina

Because it offers an enviable range of natural wonders to discover, as the Perito Moreno glacier, in Calafate, or the Iguazu Falls in Misiones, and because it also provides an interesting cultural offer, particularly in its capital city, Buenos Aires, the reality is that during the last decades Argentina has become a privileged destination and is also an epicenter for fairs and different kinds of corporate events. It is also a choice for what is known as incentive tourism destination.

At Mice Argentina we are aware of the attraction of our country for this kind of events, and we strive to ensure that those attending these meetings are fully satisfied with the experience. Our experience in this field is actually large, more than two decades; that’s why we can offer overall efficiency and professionalism to ensure that the meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions in Argentina will be very successful, and that attendees will remember this experiences forever.

Conferences and exhibitions in Buenos Aires and other cities of Argentina tend to have a "plus" of magic, which has to do with the particular passion that exists in the country and with the multiple options for recreation and fun. From Mice Argentina we put our professionalism serving the success of these corporate professional meetings.

Meetings Argentina

Among the services we offer to facilitate optimal organization of meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions in Argentina, you´ll find for example the selection and reservations of the best hotels. We also take care of organizing every detail of the official dinner, and choose the most attractive tours in the city of Buenos Aires, or around. We further propose various tourist programs to visit the main attractions of Argentina, either before or after the corporate events. On the other hand, we use to place a stand at the site where the congress or conference is taking place, so as to facilitate booking tours, rides and flights to the attendees. We also have many proposals of excursions for the enjoyment of visitors.

Mice Argentina provide other services to ensure that corporate or professional meetings have all the necessary condiments: we take care of moving the groups of attendees, both as a group and individually. In addition we assist people who need some help during the events, so that they can feel fully supported and cared for.

Our range of tourist proposals for attendees in Argentina is broad and interesting. On our website you can review the various alternatives, ranging from cultural tours –like a dinner tango show with classes included, the visit to stays close to Buenos Aires to enjoy folklore shows and see the skills of gauchos-, to travels to amazing natural destinations like Mendoza, Iguazu Falls (Misiones), Calafate and Perito Moreno Glacier, etc.-.

So, if you are looking for a responsible agency that advise, plan and perform the complete production of your meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions in Argentina contact with 4Tourists Mice Argentina right now.





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