Buenos Aires Tour Options for Conferences

It is not at all accidental that Buenos Aires has become one of the cities chosen for the organization of international corporate events in South America. For several reasons, Argentina's capital city is the site selected to perform very important congresses, business meetings, conferences, fairs and exhibitions of regional and global importance. In principle because it is a relatively cosmopolitan metropolis that offers the best infrastructure in dealing with hotels, transport and specific grounds for making international business events. Also because Buenos Aires is a city of great architectural beauty, full of beautiful parks and green spaces, and a city with a very important social and cultural life. Tourist attractions in this city are many, and that is why its is such a valued destination when thinking about a place to organize events: Buenos Aires offers multiple tour options for people attending conferences.

4tourists Mice is an agency specialized in organizing all kinds of business events: for the last 20 years we have been focusing in advising, planning and organizing meetings and corporate events, conferences, exhibitions and fairs in Buenos Aires. In this regard we take care of many aspects related to the logistics and organization of the events, and obviously a whole set of tasks that make the convenience of the attendees, such as the selection and reservation of hotels and performing tours in Buenos Aires and the surrounding areas. In Buenos Aires we offer the best tour options for the attendees to your conference, so as they can have the opportunity to enjoy cultural, natural and entertainment attractions of the city.

Argentina Tour Options for Conference

To facilitate the recruitment of these tours we always place a stand so that conference attendees can reserve our tourist services, and eventually to reconfirm their flights. We also organize various excursions in line with the profile of attendees, with transfer either individual or group.

In Buenos Aires the tour options for conference are interesting and varied. Being the city of tango, we offer for instance a dinner tango show in a traditional restaurant called El Querandí, with the possibility of enjoying both an international menu and a spectacle that shows the evolution of tango music and dance throughout history. For people interested in gaucho figure, we also offer a tour to discover a gaucho party, consisting of a picnic that includes typical meals (asado) and various shows of folklore and gaucho skills.

For those who prefer to discover emblematic sites of the city of Buenos Aires, both historical and modern ones, our tour options for conference include a premium city tour carrying through the historic city center and the modern area of Puerto Madero, with three drops in the area of La Boca, Plaza de Mayo and “Caminito”. And for those who prefer to enjoy a near downtown Buenos Aires natural environment, we offer tours to the famous Tigre delta. Besides, we also offer trips to Colonia del Sacramento and Montevideo (in Uruguay).

Many people who attend to exhibitions and conferences in Buenos Aires wish to leave the city for a few days so as to discover the most attractive tourist spots in Argentina. For these people our tour options for conference include trips to the Iguazú Falls, to Mendoza, El Calafate, Ushuaia, Puerto Madryn and to the magical northwest of Argentina (Salta and Jujuy provinces). All of them are really fantastic options that you can contract with 4 Mice Tourists now!.





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