Argentina Tour Wholesaler

As a company focused on corporate tourism, events, congresses and incentive, from 4tourists we aim to achieve full satisfaction of our customers, always working together with criteria of absolute flexibility, excellence, competitiveness and originality. Our team has more than two decades of experience in the inbound corporate tourism segment in Argentina, permanently updating their practices to align with excellence as tours wholesaler. This ensures professionalism and efficiency to make your corporate event a success in Argentina.

4tourists has come a long way to become an innovative organization, dedicated to incoming tourism and events. Annually, we keep in touch with a significant number of national and international travel agencies, who choose us to market our great range of touristic destinations in Argentina as a tour wholesaler. That’s why we have reached a place of leadership among local tour operators.

In Argentina we developed an optimal model of multi wholesaler. Our file at the Ministry of Tourism of Argentina is number 15785: as a tour wholesaler we operate as we said with focus on tourism incentives, events, business travel and conferences.

In this context of conferences and events, we address very different items: for example we offer very different tours in Buenos Aires (thematic and customized), acting as a tour wholesaler; we also offer touristic programs in other iconic destinations in Argentina, either before or after the exhibition, congress or event. Besides, we take in charge many aspects of the event itself, like de organization of the official dinner, for instance.

As a corporate South America tour wholesaler, we sell tours and excursions based on the individual profile of each visitant. On the other hand, we facilitate transfers both to individuals, as whole groups, to and from the destination sites.

Buenos Aires Tour Wholesaler

Many foreign visitors come to Buenos Aires in search of the magic of tango, both in its musical aspect as in regard to dance. Many people also want to learn to dance, or optimize their style. For them, for example, we host a dinner show at the restaurant El Querandí, which includes food, a spectacular show of music and dance that brings about the origins and evolution of the tango genre, and includes, optionally, dance classes with the best tango teachers.

But in Buenos Aires and surrounding not only the tango shines: in the fields surrounding the big city, and in the vast pampas of Argentina, there is a figurehead that was portrayed beautifully in the literary work "Martin Fierro" by José Hernández: it is the gaucho, the argentine countryside man, whose skills in horsemanship and other tasks of the jacket activity have earned him a well-deserved fame beyond Argentina. As tours wholesaler, 4tourists invite visitors to take a tour to discover some of the gaucho´s world, their skills, their music and dance. To this end, for instance, we offer a great picnic on a stay of around Buenos Aires, with foklore show included.

Other options to discover Buenos Aires, its people and its landscape, is to make a city tour by the most traditional neighborhoods of the town center; or discover the magic Tigre Delta, located just 30 minutes from downtown.

But our proposal as an Argentina and South America tour wholesaler does not end there: we also invite people to take different trips Argentina: for example to the amazing Iguazú Falls, or to Mendoza and the wine rute, to El Calafate and the wonderful Perito Moreno glacier, to Puerto Madryn (the capital of whale watching); we also invite visitors to discover the great argentine northwest (provinces of Jujuy and Salta) with all its original magic, and the southernmost city in the world (Ushuaia).

If you plan to make an event in Argentina, and you are looking for a tours wholesaler, ¡please contact with 4tourists!.





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