Argentina Conferences and Exhibitions

The emerging countries in South America are showing greater economic movement over the last decade. And that leads to the organization of greater number of fairs and exhibitions, congresses and conferences in various sectors and areas, which show more vitality and vigor than ever before. Particularly in Argentina conferences and exhibitions have taken a major force because it is a country chosen for the realization of very important events of international and regional importance. Tourists from 4 Mice specializes in organizing and planning all kinds of events or corporate meetings and sectorial meetings in Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. We also advise and provide production services related to these international events, where it is very important that everything is perfectly orchestrated and nothing is left to chance. We put our 20 years of experience serving customers all over the world, who want to organize their event in Buenos Aires, take a trip or develop a business meeting in the country, exhibitions, fairs or other kind of business event. In Argentina we are one of the companies with more extensive experience in dealing with conferences and exhibition organizations.

Corporate travel tourism, events, conferences and incentives trips has strengthened significantly in the region, and Buenos Aires is one of the privileged epicenters around this important movement of conferences and exhibitions. This has much to do with the undeniable beauty of the city, its world-class infrastructure in terms of transport and hotels, as well as its high class exhibition grounds and spaces specially prepared for the realization of corporate events; the city is also very well known of its tourist and cultural attractions, its status relatively cosmopolitan and also the many options for entertainment and fun offered by the capital of Argentina.

Buenos Aires Conferences and Exhibitions

4tourists Mice provides many services in Buenos Aires, Argentina, related to the organization of conferences and exhibitions. For instance we handle the selection and booking of the corresponding hotels, the organization of the official dinner of the event or meeting, and we organize various tours to see the most interesting places in Buenos Aires (they are thematic tours, and custom ones). We also offer programs or packages in different parts of Argentina for before and after the conference or exhibition; we deploy our own stand during the event so as to book tourist services and to reconfirm flights, and we organize various excursions according to the profile of attendees. Besides we manage individual or group transfers, we offer assistance to participants during the 24 hours of the event and we provide any other services arising during the conferences or exhibition in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

If you or your company wants to have the logistical assessment or support of an expert in planning and organizing of conferences and exhibitions in Argentina, you should contact us. We are your ideal partner to develop international business events in Buenos Aires. In the organization of conferences and exhibition in Argentina, our service offers real differential. To make your event a success, contact right now with 4tourists Mice!





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